Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rants.... NOT!

Someone.. please, please be proud of me.

Because I have gone for two days -- two straight days, without complaining about anything!!! Yay!

I did not complain even when the traffic was really bad due to road repairs on a busy street during rush hour. I did not rant even when a passenger on a tricycle slammed her fist on the rear bumper of my car, for reasons I don't know. Hmmm... what else did I not complain about? I can't think of anything I should have complained about, because I have already forgotten all about them.

Why the sudden transformation, you might ask.

Simply because, one evening, this thought suddenly hit me:

In a world inhabited by trillions of other people, God could not possibly have just chosen me to bombard with bad luck. Somewhere out there, there must be someone else who is having a worse day than I am. And maybe, if I walked in their shoes for just one day, my hell would be someone else's paradise.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Love Is In What I Wear

And right now, I'm wearing my photo bracelet!!

I have almost given up on this bracelet, since I didn't know any store in the metro selling it. I saw one during the bridal fair in Megamall, but it wasn't the same as the picture I posted. I also saw one in Megamall's Bead Shop but it wasn't as pretty.

Then yesterday, after a very loooooong date in Rockwell, Mike gave me a small box wrapped in silver paper.

KT: Ano ito?
Mike: Basta.. buksan mo.
I removed the tape on the wrapper and slowly opened the box. I don't like ruining the wrapping paper. I feel that the cover of the gift means as much as the gift itself.

KT: Teka, Tiffany box ba ito?
Mike: Nooooo!
The box was a Gucci box, the kind you see in Greenhills tiangge. So I thought it was a wallet.

Mike: Open it slowly!
(Demanding talaga.)

Inside the box was a fuschia pink japanese paper. I felt the gift through the paper, and immediately, I knew it wasn't a wallet. It was a memory bracelet!!! Hihihihi! Mike had (lovingly) resized and placed the pictures in the frames. There was a picture of him, of me, of us, of pics taken during our first trip to Sonya's, scenic pics he had taken during his recent US trip. I had wanted to take out some of the pictures and replace them with pictures of my family and friends. But after giving it much thought, I decided against it. They were beautiful pictures Mike had taken on his first US trip. So they will stay. :)

Thanks un-mushy one. I loved the gift.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


1. How did our friendship start?
a. we sat beside each other during a Celadon general assembly
b. our families have known each other since our childhood days
c. she had no choice but to talk to me when I repeatedly asked her what her name was during Filipino class

2. Who did we dislike most during our sophomore year?
a. our Filipino teacher
b. our Accounting professor
c. "buhangin" (English translation please)

3. What does the acronym ELF stand for?
a. ever loving fan
b. exciting, loyal friend
c. ever lovable friend

4. Which gift from Val do I treasure the most?
a. a small wooden box filled with paper hearts that she folded herself, with a friendship bracelet hidden underneath the hearts
b. blank birthday cards
c. all of the above

5. How long have we been friends?
a. eight years
b. nine years
c. too long

6. What makes Val a great friend?
a. her loyalty, sense of humor, love for adventure, passion, creativity
b. ability to enjoy the simple things in life, dedication, her lambings
c. all of the above

7. How old will Val be turning today?
a. 25
b. 31
c. 20 :)

8. What wishes do I have for Val?
a. for all her dreams and wishes to come true
b. good life, good lovelife, good career
c. all of the above


Correct answers = initial of my name

Happy Birthday Valerie!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Pensive on a Friday night

I noticed that in most of my recent posts, I am either complaining about something, or just plain whining. So, for the past three days, I decided not to blog unless I will be blogging about something positive.

And the result of that decision? Silence. :) I cannot seem to find anything positive to blog about. Everyday, I wake up and notice only the negative stuff -- the traffic, the expensive toll fees, the numerous potholes in A. Bonifacio, receiving only work related texts, or errand texts, another dubious news article about our government, etc. etc. I look in the mirror and notice the wrinkles, the sagging skin, the new pimple forming on the middle of my forehead, the really noticeable weight gain.... aaaargh!

I can't stand being silent in my own space in cyberworld anymore. So I will rant, complain, and rant some more everytime and anytime I feel like it. Don't get me wrong. I'm trying to be a positive person, trying being the operative word here. And I really hope, that as time goes by, I will be able to see things in a more positive light. But for now..... :)


Richmond left for Indonesia yesterday. I brought him to their meeting place, and seconds after I drove off, I realized how much I will miss him. And to think he'll be back by Sunday evening! Maybe it's just a really bad case of PMS?

Anyway, I was apprehensive about him going to Indonesia. I have heard about the anti-Chinese war they raged against the local Chinese there, and my brother is a chinito from whatever angle you look at him. And the peace and order situation (from what I've seen and read on the news) ain't something to be secure about either. I almost begged my father not to let him go, but a small part of me felt that maybe I was overreacting a bit. Besides, going to Indonesia would bring him a step closer to reaching his financial goals. He's there now, marvelling at the beauty of the Bali beaches, and complaining about the humidity.

My apprehensions and worries made me think -- is this how foreigners feel about the Philippines? Somewhere in another part of the world-- is there someone praying for her brother's safety while here in the Philippines? With all the travel advisories issued, how does the Philippines look from a foreigner's point of view?


There's a JS Prom going on some 300 meters away from my room. I can hear the music blaring from the speakers -- Galing mo Sumayaw, Chocolate, Sayaw Kikay, Basketball, etc. etc. (Title check please).

I went around SM Megamall yesterday and found so many stores selling prom dresses. I forgot -- February IS the prom month. I never got to experience the thrill of a prom date. In highschool, our prom dates were assigned -- BY HEIGHT. We had it beside the very scenic Pasig River. We only got to meet our dates on the night of the prom. After the usual dinner and program, our dates would usually leave us to ask their crushes to dance.

Wala lang. I can't really say that I miss the thrill of the prom, since I never got to experience what the thrill was all about. But for just once in my life, I would like to get that nervous, giddy feeling of dressing up for the evening, and not knowing what's in store for the night.

Signing off now. Getting too pensive for my own good.

Monday, February 14, 2005



Three bombs exploded simultaneously this evening. One in Ayala, Edsa. Another one in Davao City. The third one in General Santos City. And when I read news like this, I really want to ask the group behind the bombings this question: WHAT'S THE POINT?!?!? Is bombing a favorite past time for them? Do they enjoy seeing the faces of the victims plastered on television? Do they get an unexplainable rush everytime people die because of them? Really, WHAT?

I don't get it. I would understand if the buses they bombed belonged to a group of people who they have a personal vendetta against. But most of the victims are faces they have never seen before. Driving a point against the woman in Malacanang? Malacanang couldn't care less about the innocent lives lost in the senseless bombings! Sure, sure... the head of state will go to the site and make a routine inspection. The Palace will issue a statement about the whole thing. A few weeks' worth of investigations by "intelligent" officers will take place. After that, the news will die a natural death. (Out of topic -- but has our "intelligence" agencies ever solved a crime?)

So, again.... WHAT'S THE POINT?


Let's say I am the head of a cooperative. Let's say that the coop gets into a financial crisis, where one of the proposed solution is a mandatory contribution from its members, which I announce, will be used to save the company from bankruptcy. After a few months, I reward a particular division in the coop with a bonus -- one which could have been used to pay off a large percentage of the coop's debts to creditors. Will the coop's members thank and understand me for this move? Does one really need a PhD in Economics to answer this question?


Drillings everywhere! Edsa, NLEX, Retiro.... and right now, outside our house. Yes, yes... another drilling service brought to us by whatever government agency is responsible for the drilling going on outside our house.... at 11:30 in the evening. Just the time when most normal people are about to sleep. Nope, they couldn't do it at a more respectable hour like, say... 8:30 pm, when the cars are few and people are still awake. They really had to schedule the very noisy and irritating drilling at 11:30pm. Oh joy.

It's almost midnight now, and I really have this wonderful idea of looking for leftover paputoks and celebrating the Chinese New Year belatedly. Beside the drillers. More specifically, looking for leftover rebentadors and lighting and throwing them in their direction.

NLEX toll rates increase

I have ranted about this before, I know. But, here's another rant. The NLEX claims that toll fees are higher now because they are charging P2.40++ per kilometer. Okay, FINE. If that really is the case, then please explain this: toll fees from Balintawak to Bocaue is only P42; from Bocaue to Balintawak, it's P51. HOW COME?!? Because the road curves more, ergo more kilometers? And what's with closing the Guiguinto exit?!?! Don't give me that crap about the Guiguinto exit's computer system not being compatible with your new system. Before the renovation, there was NO computer system!! All the computer systems were provided by the very group responsible for installing all the other computer systems in NLEX!!!!! And can somebody please remove that sign in NLEX that says salamat sa inyong pagtangkilik sa NLEX? I am not tangkiliking the NLEX.. it's just that I have no other choice but to take it. Waiting for hours in MacArthur highway is not a logical option. Sleeping in our warehouse is not an option either.

It's almost 12:30 a.m. and the drilling team isn't finished with their drilling project yet!! Where are those rebentador?!?!?!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Egg-citing :)

Aaaah! Finally!! We're done with the Egg Show in Megamall! This was one tedious but exhilarating week for me. Now that the fair is over, somehow, I can't seem to remember how harassed I had been preparing for the event. Now, I just remember how exciting everything had been. Met a lot of people whom I only read about in our sales rep's reports. And gathered new prospects and leads, for which I have our sales team to thank for.

Interesting tidbits...

There was an old lady who came to the fair everyday, along with her grandson. I assume that was her grandson because the lady looked very old -- almost in her 70s, and the boy looked very young. Anyways, they were dressed in old and tattered clothes, and both of them were very thin and gaunt. The old lady had an oversized polo, and she carried an oversized Philippine Airlines bag. They both looked out of place in the fair. They would go around and visit each booth to check if there were any candies being given to visitors. Nakakaawa talaga. The little boy was around 5 years old. My heart went out to them.

Then there was also this man who came to our booth. He browsed through the brochures and introduced himself as a veterinarian, blah, blah, blah. Bragged about his services and consultancies too. Our sales reps offered him our (best selling) product for poultry. When told that the product was for prevention of poultry stress, he remarked sarcastically, "What? Chickens get stressed? Tao lang ang nastre-stress no!" Oh boy. I am not a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist, but my years in the business have taught me that yes, chickens get stressed by all kinds of stuff -- bright lights, no lights, dim lights, slight movement, heavy winds, rain, excessive heat, little space for movement, cramped living quarters etc. etc. (If you think you're overstressed, you should be thankful you're not a chicken.) After hearing this, our sales rep promptly stopped with the sales talk. He wasn't a prospect anymore.

As a promotional gimmick, I made a sign that said, "drop your calling cards and win a prize" and taped it to a fishbowl. For those who plan to join trade fairs, please do not use this tactic. 70% of the calling cards I got came from the following people -- a graphic designer, several real estate agents, a PLDT man, etc. etc. Most were not involved in the industry, they were just after the prize. One lady visited our booth daily and dropped different calling cards with different names, and had the gall to ask for prizes. And no, all three of the calling cards she gave weren't connected to poultry farming in any way.

Then there was our most memorable male visitor who asked all kinds of questions about ALL of our products. His questions were really specific and detailed. So our sales rep thought he was a big time farmer, since he seemed to know what he was talking about. After 30 minutes of the question and answer, he asked for coffee and left. Didn't leave a contact number, and didn't get our contact info either. He just wanted the coffee.


The next fair would be in Tagaytay in April!! Am so looking forward to that!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Hi! I'm Hayden

I was sooooo disappointed when Hayden and Aaron got eliminated in the last episode of TAR6. How I wish it had been Rebecca and Adam instead. They really do not deserve to be in the top 3. IMHO, Rebecca and nancy boy Adam got there for only one reason = sheer luck. They were just lucky that Hayden and Aaron were having an extremely unlucky day. See, they couldn't even stop bickering during the pizza eating challenge (I forgot what it's called).

Richmond asked me, "If you joined The Amazing Race, who would you choose as your partner? Who is that one person you think you can work well with, meaning you won't be constantly arguing with each other and you'll complement each other?"

Me: Hmmmm... malamang ikaw (referring to Richmond).
Rich: Ako? Eh sa office pa lang away na tayo ng away eh.
Me: Oo nga, pero feeling ko we'd work well together.
Rich: Hahahahaha! (Laughter dripping with sarcasm)
Me: Eh kahit naman sino ang i-partner mo sa akin aawayin ko no! Kahit si Mike, si Daddy, si Momon... lahat makakakaaway ko naman eh.
Rich: (Silent= meaning he agrees)

Oooooh... hokay.

Then this afternoon, Mike tells me, over lunch, that I reminded him of Hayden when she was all frustrated and bitchy with Aaron.

And the thing is, I couldn't disagree with him. In that scene where Hayden wanted to get out of the shuttle after Aaron asked for the shuttle bus' ticket, and Aaron asked her why she wanted to get out of the bus when all they had to do was pay for the fare, and Hayden answered, "BECAUSE! This is so frustratiiiiiiing!" (Not verbatim but something like that), I thought to myself, "Hey! How many times have I used that line as a reason to quit before?" Because this is so frustrating! Because this is so irritating! I give up! I give up!!

Yeah, yeah, that's me -- very Hayden. While surfing my favorite forums to check out what others had to say about TAR6, these were the words mostly used to describe Hayden: bitch, biyatch, irritating, bitchy, whiny.... oh, oh.... and biyatch. And another one -- bitch. And in one post with a picture of Hayden all dressed up and pretty -- HOT.

Hmmmm.... Hayden is, according to most Pinoy posters, most of the words mentioned in the above paragraph. So if people see Hayden that way, and I'm like Hayden, then that means people see me as..... HOT?!?!?!!


And one more thing...

Today is Momon's birthday!

And we're celebrating it by having a hotpot dinner this evening. :) I have always admired Momon, for his creativity and talino when it comes to tinkering and fixing things in the house. For his strength and his willingness to think beyond the box. For the lambing he gives us without really being mushy and OA about it. Of course I don't tell him these. And I don't think I ever will. But let it be known in the online community that I love my brother and I will always be his big sister who'll always be looking out for him.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Too Angsty

Someone once told me that my blog seemed to be getting more cynical and jaded with each new post. So from then on, I firmly resolved to focus on the positive aspects and just ignore the negatives. But while I was trying to write down things I am grateful for for February (check my sideblog), I really couldn't think of anything to put in! I just thought of the major events and the first two were the only ones I could think of. Maybe I'm really starting to be cynical and jaded about everything? Or maybe I'm taking too many things for granted?

New new year's resolution: Think positive.

My Way or the Highway or the MacArthur Way


I learnt this afternoon that starting Friday, NLEX will be charging P42 for the Balintawak-Bocaue route. P42!!! Forty two friggin pesos. That's a 460% increase from the usual P9!! If there is a 460% increase in toll fees, then it SHOULD follow that there be a 460% increase in the quality of the highway too, right? So let's see... let me honestly list down all the wonderful changes that the NLEX has undergone in the past three years:

1. 100% increase in the quality of the roads. Well, let's wait for the heavy rains to wreak havoc on the newly paved asphalt roads to see whether there really is a 100% increase in the quality of the roads.

2. More toll booths. There are at least 12 new toll booths in the NLEX exit. But, only half of them are opened, as the number of vehicles entering the NLEX is not that big.

3. Wider roads. There used to be two lanes. Now, there are four.

4. Some electronic sign that tells motorists that the NLEX is still in its dry run. I have often wondered what this gadget's purpose was. It would be good if it can show updates on the traffic situation on nearby major roads.

If these changes can be quantified, will they be enough to make up for the 460% increase?

If I'm freaking out about the 460% increase, then how must the people in Meycauayan and Valenzuela be feeling? Toll fees there used to be cheaper -- around P6. But NLEX will be charging a flat rate of P42 from Balintawak to Bocaue. That's a 700% increase for them. Tsk tsk tsk.

That's the price you pay for improvements on NLEX, some might say. Okay, okay. I am willing to pay a higher price for the improvements. A 250% increase would still be acceptable. Even a 300% increase would be okay. But 460%?!?! That's just plain highway robbery.

When I was preparing our office budget for 2005, I made an allowance for the expected increase in toll fees -- by estimating an increase of 300%. So now, we're looking for ways to cut down on transportation costs. My mom suggested that I pack up my stuff Sunday evenings, go to work on Mondays, and stay there for the rest of the week until Saturday mornings. Wow. I love my mom. I really do.

And what about our delivery trucks? For sure, the increase for trucks and other Class B vehicles would be more than 460%. We had thought of asking them to take MacArthur Highway instead, but that would mean an increase in overtime pay and gasoline expenses due to the very, very heavy traffic situation there. It's a no win situation for us and win-win for the Lopezes!!


Monday, February 07, 2005


Ooops! My bad. It's Aidan Joff, not Aidan Shaw as I originally thought. So if Aidan and Carrie had ended up together, it would've been Carrie Bradshaw Joff. Still not cosmopolitan sounding enough. I have got to stop with my SATC ramblings. I am stil not over the fact that SATC is really over. I'm currently in the denial stage as of now. Just wait when I get to the angry stage. Hehe.

Anyways, went to the Travel Expo in Megamall last week. Was surprised to see so many people lining up outside Megatrade Hall. Mike told me that travel agencies usually give discounted rates to people who book trips with them during the expo. And with the summer season approaching and all...

There were agencies giving HK trips for as low as $100!!! All in -- plane trip, 3d 2n hotel reservations, guided tours etc. etc. There was even a Bohol package going for as low as P1,350 (triple sharing), excluding airfare. But the price was good only for the expo. There was also a Europe tour for only $1988!! Includes RT airfare, accomodations, breakfast, dinner and guided tours. That's a good deal! Considering that the peso dollar exchange rate is only P54.55 as of this writing.

Lunch was at Krua Thai in Megastrip, where we stuffed ourselves with good Thai food. We had the Thai Spring Rolls, Bagoong Rice and Chicken with Chili, Garlic and Basil. We both noticed that we were getting curvier (read: flabbier) than usual. So we agreed to eat light for dinner that night. Hahahah.. yeah right. Dinner was at Golden Fortune restaurant in Benavidez, a new Chinese carinderia which serves the best fish fillet in sweet corn sauce I have ever tasted! And their prices are very, very, very affordable too.

Went to Fitness First the next day. Yay! Last week, I finally gathered enough willpower to finally cancel my membership. And when I got there, the account officer (that's what I think her title is) offered me their other packages: P1300 for weekend visits only OR P900 for 3 visits a month. Since I know myself too well, I decided to go for the P900 package. Fine, fine. I know that technically, I will be paying P300 for each visit which is restricted to only 3x a month. But I'm giving this P900 package a dry run. If, after 2 months of subscribing to the package, I find out that I am even lazier than I thought, I will cancel my subscription completely. No more downgraded packages. The account officer said that the downgrade will take effect in March, which means I am still free to use the gym for the whole month of February. So, right now, I am making sure that my last P1755 monthly fee for Fitness First will be worth it by going to the gym as often as I can.

The Singular Sensation

Last Friday, I visited the store of a digital printer for posters and tarpaulin for our upcoming exhbit. The owner, whom I have never met before, greeted me. After we had exchanged a few pleastantries, she then proceeds to ask me, "May asawa ka na ba?" To which I replied, "Wala pa."

"Aaaaah," she said, giving me a sympathetic look. Like my singular status was something to be pitied.

The aaaaah I can understand. It's a conversation filler for most of us. But the sympathetic look, I just don't get. Is there something fundamentally wrong with still being single at my age? Okay let me rephrase that. Is there something fundamentally wrong with still being a single woman at my age? When 30 something men say that they're still single, most people's reaction would be - that's okay, lalaki ka naman eh. But women get THE sympathetic look, plus a few offers to be set up with their lola's ninang's son in law's sister's bestfriend. In our society, it's almost a sin for a woman to be in her late 20s and still be single.

And while we're at it, isn't it taboo to ask people you have just met whether they're single or married? Isn't there a rule for that in Emily Post's etiquette book? I find it amazing that friends of my parents think it's normal to ask me about marriage plans. Hello!! And when I tell them that there are no marriage plans yet, they sit me down and lecture me about the biological clock and other consequences of getting married late. One of my parents' friends even went to our office in Bulacan to lecture me - for two hours- on why I should get married ASAP. ASAP as in this year. As in, within the next six months.

So I nodded, and listened, and nodded some more. I think that was when I nearly perfected the art of pretending-but-not-really listening. :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Busy as a Bee in February

Val commented that I have been busy this whole week. That is because of two reasons:
1. I have really been busy preparing for an exhibit our company will be holding for the first time!
2. I have been too lazy to change my unkymoods mood.

I can't really say why, but I feel that February is going to be a good month for me. Looking forward to so many things! Like....

Family and friends celebrating their birthdays.
I know 13 people who will be celebrating their birthdays this month! February minus 9 months is May.... hmmmm.....

And, and! Val will be celebrating her birthday by throwing a birthday bash! With none other than moi as the organizer!

Our company's first ever exhibit.
Quite excited with this. But nervous too. What if nobody approaches our booth? What if we're ignored? What if this is just a waste of money? What if? What if? What if?

Valentine's Day!
And we're celebrating this by.... not going out. It's a mutual decision. The traffic will be horrendous. And Mike's coming from Libis, and I'm coming from Bulacan. We'll probably get to see each other midnight na. Hmmm... midnight. Maybe seeing each other on Vday might not be such a bad idea after all. :devilish grin:

More seminars for our company.
I usually do not have a speaking role in our company's seminars. I am terrified of speaking in public. The most I do is give the thank-you-for-coming speech. But even without a speaking role, I always get nervous before a seminar. Will they like the presentation? Will they think it a complete waste of time? More importantly -- will they buy?

Some TV Ramblings...
from Sex and the City

If Carrie and Aidan did end up together, then Carrie would have to change her name to Carrie Bradshaw Shaw. Not cosmopolitan sounding enough. Maybe this is the REAL reason why the producers didn't want them to end up together. An honest to goodness oversight on their part.

And what about little Brady? His name was originally Brady Hobbes. But since Miranda and Steve got married, then he'd be Brady Brady?

Just goes to show how busy I really am, Val. :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Road Not Taken

I recently found out that some of my batchmates had formed a group to put up a restaurant called "Stir Crazy." Nice concept -- they stir fry the food right in front of you, so the food is served fresh, hot and fast.

This made me think -- what in the world am I doing with my life? My batchmates are putting up businesses here and there. And me? Heck, I can't even decide what I want to be. And I'm already in my mid 20s. Okay... late mid 20s. In the years after I graduated from college, I had pursued my interests in the following fields:

1. career as a chef
2. career as an interior designer
3. career as a wedding organizer
4. career as a professional florist
5. career as a wedding cake maker
6. career as a caterer

And those that I had seriously thought about but never pursued?

1. career as a lawyer
2. career as a doctor
3. career as a writer
4. career as a fashion designer (for clothes, jewelry and bags)
5. career as a website designer.

And the latest? Career as a photographer / graphic artist.

Wow. My mom would have been so proud of me if I had really done all of these.

I have great respect for people, who at age 22, know what they want to do with their life. It takes a lot of focus and committment to decide at such a young age which road one really wants to take. And it takes even more willpower to decide to stick to that road, especially when things aren't going as planned. My mom never fails to give us this lecture -- Start a business now, while we are still here. We can give you business advice. And if things don't turn out well, we are still here to support you financially. If you don't start now while you are still in your 20s, it will be harder for you to start when you're already in your 30s.

And I so agree. The 20s is when most of us have no one to think of but ourselves. No family to support. But the 30s is a different level -- it's when most people are adjusting to a new way of life. And with change comes uncertainty. I know a lot of people who stick to their current jobs because the salary they get is a "sure thing." Never mind that they hate what they're doing and would rather be somewhere else than stuck in their monochromatic cubicles.

So, since I'm just a few lightyears away from the 30s, maybe it's high time I take the risk and join the entrepreneurs' bandwagon. And see where that road will take me. I don't want to look back at the end of this year, and regret all those opportunities I could have taken but didn't. Will make sure to include that in my (short) list of new year resolutions.