Saturday, August 14, 2010

The yucky 8th

"Please let me sleep some more. Please don't let me wake up.. not yet." This is the prayer I say every morning.

Not really a happy way to start the day, no?

I think I'm the saddest and most miserable pregnant woman. :(

What a far cry from my previous post, where I couldn't stop peppering the screen with 'haahaha' and 'hehehhe.' :(

I'm throwing up all the time now. I don't have the desire to eat, even though I'm hungry all the time. My mouth seems to hate all food, and my taste buds retaliate by leaving me with a strong, yucky, bitter taste, which makes me want to throw up more. :(

I've stopped going to work, as I cannot handle the long drives anymore. Chloe is now spending the whole day with her yaya, as I have no energy to play with her too. :(

I can't count anymore the number of times I've told Mike to just have me confined in the hospital, so I can ask them to give me something to make me sleep all the time, with all nutrients and vitamins just injected through a dextrose.

I wish the first trimester will be over soon. I wish when I wake up tomorrow, it'll be March 2011 already. :(

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Entering the 7th week

During my first pregnancy, I wanted to keep a pregnancy journal to jot down everything I felt during my pregnancy. Sadly, I wasn't able to do so. I felt so horrible for the whole nine months, I had no energy to write anything down. I do remember sleeping for 20 hours a day during my first trimester - the remaining 4 hours, I spent wanting to go back to sleep again or watching tv to lull myself to sleep. YES, it was that bad.

I can't help but compare this pregnancy with our first though. :) I really thought that since each pregnancy is different, I would be spared from the horrible morning sickness this time. Well, turns out, I was spared for a few days (two). Then Monday morning, when I woke up, the nausea was there. Huuhuhuhuhu. It's so weird. I'm hungry all the time (so my stomach is acidic which makes me want to throw up), but when I eat, there is that weird metallic taste (which makes me want to throw up too). Huhuhuhuhuhu. :( BUT, I have to say that it's milder this time. At least I don't spend the day wanting to sleep just so I won't feel anything.

Last time, I would crave for siopao with asado filling. The asado filling had to be red. It CANNOT be brown. Hahahahha. Good thing Gloriamaris makes good red asado siopao. :) I also couldn't stand to look or eat pesto. Before I got pregnant with Chloe, I loved pesto. Once the morning sickness hit however, pesto became blech! I couldn't even look at it!!! Doing so made me want to throw up.

With this pregnancy though, what I crave most for is steak - thick, pink and juicy steak. :) No gravy. Just steak cooked in its own juice. I'm drooling just thinking of it. Hahahaha. But since a thick steak is so expensive, I guess a thick Brother's Burger will do.

When I was pregnant with Chloe, my guilty pleasure would be watching Ugly Betty. My sisters in law told me to stop watching, lest Chloe came out looking like her. Hahahaha. But I still sneaked in some episodes. Until eventually, I stopped watching because, believe it or not, whenever I saw the show, I would feel like... you guessed right, throwing up. Hahahaah.

This time, my guilty pleasure is watching.... uh... Spongebob Square Pants. Hahahahahahah! What are the chances that our second born will come out looking like him? Hahahahahah. In the past, Chloe would be eagerly looking forward to TV time with Spongebob, and Mike and I would be eagerly waiting for her to be sleepy so we can watch our favorites on tv. This time, Mike has no choice but to let us watch Spongebob in peace. Hurrah for creatures who live in a pineapple under the sea!