Saturday, March 25, 2006

Our pre-nups!

It took two months before we FINALLY decided on a pre-nup location. I came across Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife while reading through the posts in W@W. But I was disheartened when I saw the park's facade along Quezon Avenue. Mint green walls, with the bottom part carpeted with eewy moss. It looked more like a jungle than a park. So after more research, we discovered a better and prettier place -- The Orchidarium. But we were told that The Orchidarium will charge an entrance / pre-nup picture taking fee of around P1500 to P2000 since we won't be having our reception there. :( Since we didn't want to pay that much for the pre-nup location, we decided to settle for Parks and Wildlife.

It came as a pleasant surprise to me (us) when, upon entering the park, we saw that it wasn't so bad at all. There were families enjoying picnics, and couples snuggled up to each other, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears. Sayang nga lang, because the park was not so well maintained. Grasses were not trimmed well, and the pond was in dire need of a community cleaning project. Still, with the help of our photographer, Gie, our pictures came out beautifully :) The photo shoot was awkward at first, with people staring at us while we posed for the camera. We eventually loosened up, and by the end of the session, I felt like I was a model on a commercial shoot. Hehehehe. Some of the kids even thought that we were models. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here are some of our pre-nup pics :)

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My brother thought some of the pics were taken inside a studio no! He thought they were backdrops. He couldn't believe that such a place existed, right here in the Metro.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

59 days to go....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We have only 59 days to go before I officially become Mrs. Michael Dy. :) I haven't blogged about anything significant about the wedding preps. But a year from now, it would be fun to look back and see just how harassed I was with the wedding preparation. It's all I can talk about lately.

Admittedly, I am a "ranty" person, as Rory has confirmed. :) But surprisingly, I don't have much to rant about with our suppliers (crosses fingers). So far, so good. Except for one. Okay, okay. Except for two. That's it!! Pramis. I will rant about them AFTER the wedding. That way, they cannot sabotage our day, assuming they read my blog hehe. And I will have a basis for whatever stuff I say about them.

The honeymoon preps are ongoing too. First step -- apply for a UK visa. We are going to Europe on our own!!! Good luck with me, Mike! Hahahaa!!! Actually, it took us some time before finally deciding to go to Europe by ourselves (without joining a tour group). And one of the MAJOR factors we had to consider was my.... er... temper. Hehehehe. As wysgal said, there are two types of travellers. One is the type with a fixed schedule of where to go and what to do. The other is the come what may type of traveller. I am quite sure I belong to the first group. How do I know this? Because as early as now, I already know which train departs at what time so that we can arrive at our destination at a specific time. And knowing how I like everything scheduled, I know I WILL throw a hissy fit if we do not go by our itinerary. Mike, on the other hand, belongs to the second group -- the come what may type of traveller. Aaaah... this is what people meant when they said marriage is all about adjustments. :) So as early as now, I am preparing myself for the chance that things might not go exactly as planned.

Aside from the honeymoon research, we have also been going on furniture and appliance hunting. Funny.... when we went out on dates before, it was always a moviehouse-window shopping-dinner type of date. But now, it's a furniture shopping type of date. We ALWAYS pass by the numerous furniture stalls in Market! Market! and Greenhills Shopping Center, where we actually had a crash course on the different kinds of wood available to local furniture makers. There are the rodents' favorite type of wood -- gemolina. Then there's kamagong, which is really sooooooo beautiful. Then the uber heavy yakal. Then there is the elegant narra. Before, when we looked at furnitures, we would just ooh and aah at the nice designs and say, "Uy ang ganda oh!" But now, when we check out furniture, we knock on the wood, carry them, check out the woodgrains and the finish, look at them from an angle to check for masilya. We're almost wood connoiseurs now. Hahahaha...

We'll be having our pre-nup pics taken tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I loved this movie when I saw it in the theaters. I loved it so much that I insisted that my brothers and cousins watch it with me again at home. And even with the blurry version that we had, all eyes were on the tv, especially the part where we all thought that the bullet would hit the Iranian guy's daughter.

Yeah, I think I already posted my praises for this movie somewhere in this blog.

But I'm just happy that the movie "pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Academy Awards history." :)