Friday, October 13, 2006

Good to be back

Ahh... it's good to be back.

I so missed blogging. I can't believe the last post I had was written before the wedding. So many things have happened since then. Will post honeymoon and wedding pics soon. :)

Anyways, after months of not getting a maid (by choice), I finally succumbed to the pressure (all from my mom) and agreed to get one. Bing, the maid, arrived early at 7.45 am today. I interviewed her and asked her the basic questions. I was observing her the whole time -- how she answers, how she thinks etc. It is very important that the person I'll hire for the position (naks) is wa-is, as I will be training her to bake and to be my assistant for Delici. I told her she'll be alone for most part of the day -- she said she had no problem with it. So she was hired.

When I got home around 7.30 pm, I checked on Bing to see if she was doing okay. You see, the maid's quarter is a unit all by itself on the ground floor. When she saw me, she said, "Ma'm, di ko po pala kaya," with matching stretching of the shoulders and neck, as if to emphasize how tired she was the whole day. Tired? All I asked her to do was to wash the breakfast dishes , all two of them. In the end, she admitted that she felt lonely being alone the whole day. So by 7.45 pm, she was out of the house.

Although I have been very insistent and not to mention, stubborn with my mom about wanting to NOT get a maid, I have to admit that I felt really excited and relieved to have one today. I was soooooo looking forward to not having to wash the dishes anymore.

Oh well, who's next?