Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our First Date

Yay! We FINALLY went out for a romantic date last night, just the two of us. We saw Bride Wars, ate at Arya, and browsed around the Promenade's shops, HHWW teeehee.

I don't care how low the score critics gave the movie Bride Wars. I loved it! It was light, it was sweet and it was exactly the right amount of comedy I wanted.

And Arya... ooooh Arya. While we were having dinner, I repeatedly told Mike that Arya is my new favorite restaurant. His lamb biryani and my err... the name escapes me now, but it's a meatball dish, stewed in tomato sauce with eggplants and spices, were sooooooooo good that thinking about it now makes me drool.

Thank you honey, for the romantic evening out. We should do it again sometime. :)