Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chef's Galley

We are on a roll!  Two date nights for October, woohoo! :)

M suggested we try Chef's Galley along C. Benitez St., Quezon City.  
 The interior of the restaurant is designed to look like the interior of a ship.  Hence the name.

 We ordered the Rainbow Salad.  Saw good reviews for this online.  Had high expectations that were, unfortunately, not met. :(   The dressing was good, yes.  The salad greens, however, were not as fresh.  We felt cheated, what with the few crumbles of blue cheese in the salad.

Baked Creamy New Zealand Mussels.  Loved the creamy cheesy topping.  Mussel was tough though. Had to wrestle with it just to get it off its shell.

Aaaah... the saving grace for the night.  Bibo's Lamb Stew.  Melt in your mouth meat with a really rich and yummy sauce.  Perfect with the steaming plain rice it came with.

We spent roughly P1200 for everything.  Pricey, considering the food we ordered was good for just one very hungry person only.