Monday, October 08, 2007

5th Year Anniversary

I forgot to mention....

We 'remembered' the fifth year anniversary of the first time Mike and I met. I say remembered because there was no celebration. It was a day we spent asking each other questions like:

a. What was your first impression of me?
kt: You reminded me of a batchmate who's a nerdo.
mike: Okay naman. (Refuses to elaborate)

b. Did you like me immediately after the first date?

kt: No. Because you reminded me of my batchmate who's a nerd nga.
mike: Ok lang. (Does anyone notice the trend here?)

c. Were you dating anyone else that time?
kt: Yes
mike: No.

Of course, we had talked about our first date so many times already, but it still felt kilig to relive it again. I still remember what the weather was like that day --with the orange sky heavy with dark clouds, and the heavy rain that followed. My dad kept calling my Nextel, worried that I would be stranded in traffic due to the floods. I kept apologizing to Mike. I was 2 hours late, and I kept interrupting our dinner to answer my Nextel. He must have felt I was worth the wait to have waited two hours! Hahahahahahaah.

8 months pregnant

In the past eight months, I have:

..... experienced morning sickness so severe that I woke up in the morning only to want to sleep again until the late afternoon. Never mind that I wasn't eating anything. During that time, I seriously, SERIOUSLY, considered ending the pregnancy.

..... had to endure the (thoughtless) comments of people about my physical appearance. Boy daw, because I looked haggard. Or that I don't look pregnant at six months. I only looked fat. :( I knew they didn't have malicious intentions, but all those comments still affected me. One comment that especially hurt was this -- Sa lagay na yan, gumanda ka na? :(

.....had to move around using a computer chair with wheels, because of the extremely painful pelvic pain I had during my 31st week.

.....had to drink yucky tasting iron supplement.

.....restrain myself from ordering Starbucks' green tea frappuccino. :(

Now, with only six weeks to go, Mike and I are really excited to welcome Chloe Alessandra Uy Dy into our world.

We've already bought her new clothes and accessories. Whenever I see Mike preparing for her birth, there is this unexplainable feeling of happiness inside me. It's expected for excited moms-to-be to prepare for their children's birth. But when it's the dad who shows the same excitement, it's.... different. It somehow seems more touching.