Monday, April 10, 2006

The Procrastinator

Yeah, this post's title sounds like an action movie.

Which is exactly what is happening to our wedding preps lately. Why oh why are there so many last minute things to do? We only have a few weeks to go, and everyday, new things to do are thought of and listed and categorized and delegated and followed up and..... waaaaaah!!!

So instead of sulking and whining about it, which I usually do, I tried to come up with possible solutions to my procrastinating problem.

I now have a notebook, that has everything I need to know about the status of wedding preps. And house preps. And honeymoon preps. Things I need to cosmetics I researched for hours on the net (I didn't even know what a cosmetic junkie I was till last Saturday) and other ketseng stuff.

But I felt I needed something more. I needed someone who can keep track of each supplier's work status. I needed someone who can haggle with my suppliers for better deals. I needed someone to sweat the small stuff for me.

Which is why I FINALLY hired a coordinator!!!


Finally, someone I can order around without feeling guilty.

And I'm meeting her tomorrow. I already have a list of to dos ready for her!!!