Friday, November 25, 2005


I just had a crappy day. Office work just kept piling up. I had some issues with one of our sales reps. I am typing with a burnt finger, courtesy of my oven that seems to have a mind of its own. Aside from that, I just burnt half of the 80++ cookies that I baked tonight.

But I can't stop smiling. :) :)

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Wedding theme

For several days now, I have been racking my brain for a really good theme for the wedding. It has to be something that is relevant to both of us. And I'm slowly realizing that Mike and I are one boring couple. Why? We-ell, these were the only themes I could think of:

80's theme
I remember how the song "Walking on Sunshine" kept playing on Mike's radio when we were still dating. That, and "Just Got Lucky." Hmmm... maybe he was already trying to tell me something back then. Hehe. I love the 80's music. So does he. If we go with the 80's theme, of course the music played would all be from that decade. And the gowns can be designed in accordance with the 80's theme too!! Shiny satin gowns with puffed sleeves! And let us not forget -- the hair and make-up! Colorful blue eyeshadow with teased bangs, held in place with a can of Aqua spraynet! HAHAHA! (Val! Val? Don't back out!) And my bridal bouquet will be almost as tall as me. Does anyone remember those? With flowers reaching all the way to the ground!

Movie theme
We love watching movies. So with the movie theme, I want to give out "Love Actually" VCDs to our secondary sponsors -- our first movie premiere together. I would prefer giving out VCDs of the very first movie we saw. Unfortunately, our first movie together was Ecks. vs. Sever. Hardly what I'd call a romantic movie. Plus some flavored popcorn and gummi bears in one box. Plus two movie tickets to Ayala cinemas, which is where we usually watch movies. Para ready to go to the movies talaga! And then only movie soundtracks will be played throughout the whole evening. Tables will have movie titles instead of numbers. And then our AVP will look like a trailer for a movie. Hihihi! I'm getting all excited just thinking of it.

Everything sweet theme
To celebrate the sweetness of our love.. hahahahaha! Okay.. I know it's cheesy. But guests will bring home cookies from Delici, plus a small recipe book of our favorite desserts. But the thing is, I can't think of any minute details that can contribute to the theme. Hmmm... isip isip.

Asian theme
For obvious reasons. :) The centerpiece will be a single orchid surrounded by votive candles. And then, shempre Chinese food -- that's a given. The cake will be oriental in design too. I know the details will come, but as of now, yan pa lang naisip ko.

So there -- four themes that are relevant to us, but not really bongga. I like the 80's theme only because of the music! But I love the movie theme best. Tell me which theme you think is the cutest. :) Maybe I can incorporate all of the ideas?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The past two weeks... in pictures

Our engagement!
our engagement

Hale and Cueshe in Metro!
I'm embarassed to say that I didn't know who they were until I saw them in concert. I know their songs, but I couldn't distinguish between the two. The "concert" started around 10:30pm and ended at 2:30am. I say "concert" because it was a comedy show with the two bands in it. I actually didn't think that I'd enjoy myself so much in the show. It helped that we had front row seats. It also helped that Raymond told the comedians not to heckle our group. So it was a lot of fun watching how other people reacted when they were singled out for the verbal insults. :D
Hale Cueshe

Bora was actually unplanned. It was only finalized two days before we were scheduled to leave. I seem to be taking more and more vacations with my friends. A last hurrah before tying the knot. Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Being the O.C.person that I am, I surfed the net on the best restos in Bora. Absent-minded me forgot to bring the list with me. Thankfully, most of the restaurants' names were familiar. I walked all the way to station 1 in search of Jonah's famous shakes. When I entered the restaurant, I plopped myself on their chair, and asked for their best selling shake. "Choco banana peanut," the waitress said. Or banana-choco-peanut ata? Yummmmy... Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Look Ma! No glue! On the coconuts that is.

Image hosted by

The Tight-anic!