Friday, February 10, 2012

H20 Hotel and Manila Ocean Park staycation

One of my resolutions for this year is to travel more. Last weekend, we went for a staycation in H20 Hotel, much to the delight of the little ones.

Excited to check in.

Can you see the excitement in her eyes? She LOVES to be in charge of our luggage, good for us!

Finally! Our room! This was the first room assigned to us. There were complimentary potato chips and soda. Mike ate the chips in this room.

My brother's room. He got upgraded because their original room smelled like cigarette smoke. Do you see my hubby? He's wearing white, and munching on the complimentary chips. He got the chips in this room too.

Look at the size of their bathtub! The little one wanted to sleep there!

My dad gave us his room instead. Cool way to wake up in the morning! Do you see the complimentary chips? Do I really have to say who took it? Hahahahha.

Gwa-kong with the kids. I love this photo.

By the bay

And my favorite part of the staycation was:
I think I went back a total of three times for their breakfast buffet. No, it wasn't that good. Just that I'm a sucker for unlimited garlic rice, corned beef, sausages and eggs. Plus, their laksa was good too!

It was a very welcome breather for me, what with all the maid dramas happening in our house. Now, on to planning our summer vacation!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Paper Lanterns

I was so excited to light up these paper lanterns. I really was. Mike told me how to do it: 1. Look for the wick. If you can't find it, just light up the whole waxy part. 2. Release. 3. Enjoy the show. That's so easy, anyone can do it, right?

So one windy Monday evening, I told Chloe to call her friends so they can watch the paper lantern show. One lantern only. Hahahah. Her yaya lit up the wick and we waited as the hot air started to fill up the insides of the paper lantern. When the lantern was good and ready to go, one yaya said, "Naku, ang lakas ng hangin, pano kung mapunta sa bahay ng kapitbahay? Baka masunog ang bahay!"

So there I was, holding a paper lantern which was growing increasingly hot by the second, afraid to let it go. All the what ifs went into my mind. What if it burned our house? What if it burned the neighbor's house? Or, or, what if it doesn't burn any of the houses in our neighborhood but lands on a faraway house on its way down? While all these what ifs were going on in my mind, the fire inside the lantern grew bigger and bigger until finally,the paper lantern burned itself down.

Problem solved.

Seriously, it wasn't until I read this that I realized how risky and dangerous releasing those paper lanterns could have been. Buti na lang the yaya said something! Otherwise, this post would not have had a happy ending.