Friday, November 23, 2012


We accidentally ended up in MOMO Cafe in Eastwood Mall two Wednesday nights ago.  We originally planned to watch Skyfall, but I had loads of work to do in the office, left the office late, got stuck in traffic... Bottomline, I got home with only a few minutes to go before Skyfall started playing at the nearest theater.  So movie plans became dinner plans, and we ended up in Eastwood Mall.

We ordered the Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole. We were told by our friendly waitress that it was a dish good for two.  As always, when I'm ravenous, I refuse to listen to logic and choose to listen to my rumbling tummy instead.  I wanted something meaty, something unhealthy for a change.  I saw Boneless Cornflakes Crusted 'Country Fried Chicken' on the menu.  That sounded greasy enough.  We got that one too.

First came the complimentary bread with the usual spread.  Bread was okay. Spread was okay.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the spread was.  It tasted cheesy and pimento-y at the same time.

Next out was the Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole.  I pooh-poohed it upon seeing it.  How can something this small be good for two people?  The waitress must be underestimating my appetite.  The casserole is actually a creamy risotto with generous servings of seafood mixed in it.  One bite, and both my hubby and I were in risotto heaven.  Very yummy, I tell you.

Then came the Country Fried Chicken, a really forgettable blah chicken dish.  We were eating it just so it won't get wasted.  :(  

After an hour or so of good conversation and good risotto, we were both full.  Too full for dessert.  And to my surprise, we had only gone through half of the seafood casserole dish!  The waitress was right.  The seafood casserole alone was filling enough for two people.  I didn't mind bringing home the casserole leftover for dinner again the next night.  It was still yummy when we reheated it.

The total bill came to about Php400 per person.  Would we come back?  Hmm... on those nights when I'm craving for really good risotto, then probably yes.  

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ready for number three?

A few years ago, while pregnant with M, I told my BFF L to slap me sensible if the day comes that I announce I want baby no. 3.

Well, she's not here now, so I can entertain these thoughts.

I want baby no. 3.

There I said it.

Mike doesn't.  He suggested I pray for an immaculate conception. (?)

Why do I want number 3?
1.  What if C and M do not get along?  At least, they have a back up sibling.
2.  What if C or M decide to work out of the country?  That leaves us with one kid only.  She has to take care of us and she'll be tired.  She needs a sub.  Enter baby no. 3.
3.  Somehow, 5 of us in the family sounds more balanced than 4.
4.  M's growing up so fast.  I will miss the sound of her little feet on the floor.  I will miss her babbling.  So my solution is to make a new one.

On the other hand, why am I having second thoughts about baby no. 3?
1.  Money.  'Nuff said.
2.  Time.  It is hard enough dividing my time and attention between two kids.  I cannot imagine how to do it with three.
3.  Yaya issues.
4.  Losing my sanity.
Last but not the least, the most important reason why I do not want to have baby no. 3?  The pregnancy.  I cannot imagine another nine months spent with a metallic taste in the mouth, aching back, aching ribs, and complete and strict bedrest.  The 24/7 urge to throw up.  The irritation I have with EVERYBODY.  I simply cannot.  The pregnancy scares me more than the birthing pain.

Oh wow.  I think I just ended my dreams of having baby no. 3 right there!  Look at my reasons for wanting versus my reasons for not wanting.  The latter sounds more grounded and realistic.

Bye baby no. 3.  It was a good 24 hours dreaming of you while it lasted.