Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boy or girl?

This week, my hubby and I decided to switch to another OB. Reason being, our (now ex) OB seemed to have a penchant for caesarian sections. After searching the net for good feedback, I came across Dra. Pilar Lagman-Dy, then I remembered she was referred to me months ago by Sab. That time, with the morning sickness and all, I scratched her off my list because her clinic was too far away for me to make my monthly visits. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm able to make the trip with no stopovers and no vomitting incidents along the way.

So there we were, sitting in front of Dra. Lagman-Dy. After she computed our baby's gestational age (17 weeks, 5 days), she said, "Ah, makikita na natin if girl or boy."

I was flabbergasted. It completely slipped my mind that I read in one of the internet articles that Dra. Lagman-Dy, former chair of St. Luke's Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, can see the gender of the baby in as early as three months!

Early on during my pregnancy, people have asked if I preferred a girl or boy, and I would always answer that it doesn't matter to me, as long as the baby is healthy. Of course, we wanted a boy just to balance it out, but if the baby is a girl, okay pa din.

But at the back of my mind, I wasn't sure how I would really react. I mean, hoping to have a boy versus hearing the OB announce with finality the baby's gender are two different things. And I would only know how I really feel about it when the announcement is made.

So the good doctor did her usual routine, and after a few minutes, announced, "I see a girl."

I waited and waited for my reaction. I waited for that gut-wrenching, punched-in-the-stomach feeling - there was none. I was really okay with another girl! Wait, so I'm okay. But what about Mike?

Mike looked a bit sad for a few seconds. A bit lang naman. Then he was okay na din. We kinda had a feeling we were having another girl naman. Just that, some stupid fortune teller (highly recommended daw) predicted we were having a boy a few days ago. So that confused us a bit.

Then the OB started showing us her face. "She's looking at us," the doctor said. I couldn't really see her properly. Ultrasound pics confuse me. :) The doctor gave us a print out of the scan, which I stared at on our way home. And when I finally figured out the scan, and saw the black and white face staring at me, I cried. It was at that moment when I realized that boy or not, our second baby, who at this time really looks like a skull, is a blessing, no matter what other people say.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Entering the 18th week

I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy!!!

I keep telling Mike that this is the last pregnancy, that I don't care if it's a boy or girl.

Then the other day, I felt the baby move for the first time. And I seem to have forgotten all the projectile vomitting I did weeks ago. I love that feeling - of knowing that only the baby and I are aware of each other's movements. And I suddenly am okay with being pregnant again. HARHARHAR. I told Liza to slap me sensible when this time comes. So I'm giving her permission now.

So how am I doing so far?

I still have the bitter taste in my mouth, and I think it will be there until hours after I give birth. It was that way with Chloe, although that time, the taste wasn't as horrible as it is now.

I'm still throwing up. It comes and goes. So today I'm okay, but tonight I might be stuck in our CR having one of my sessions. :( I wonder when it will pass?

My boobs have gone up a size, much to my hubby's delight. :D Sometimes, I feel like I have pebbles inside - ang sakit sakit!!

Everyone who has seen me says my tummy is small for the baby's gestational age. I'm not worried. I think I will balloon up in a few weeks or so.

I love tomatoes!!! I love pizza!! I love Alfredo's steak! (I just don't like smelling the scent of meat searing on the sizzling plate while gravy is poured on it.) I love super super sour sinigang. I love paella negra.

I am super grateful for the people who sent food over to our house - just because I was craving for it.

Vivian - for buying carrot cake
Wenya - for baking carrot cake
Liza - for the sweet custard cake
MIL - for cooking sour soup! And for sending sinigang!!
MY MOM - for buying sinigang - the sourest ever
Ahya Peter & Minda - sending sinigang over (and the best ever sinampalukang manok!)
Audrey - for remembering me whenever they eat out at Bagoong Club. BC has the sourest and saltiest sinigang!! SARAP!
Val - for her input on the best pizzas!!

Yegads. I'm drooling just typing this post.

Oh, Chloe!

Chloe: "I'm sorry mama...."

Me: "For?"

Chloe: "FOR ever!"