Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Positivity

Wheeee! It's going to be one exciting nine month trip! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mean hives, a murdered tooth, and other common toddler issues

Chloe has been taking anti-histamines for two months now. Her hive outbreak, which started in May for reasons unknown to us, refuses to let up. Once she gets off her medicine even for just a day, the hives come back with a vengeance. Just look at this picture:

Doesn't it give you the itch just looking at them? I hate them. Whenever they appear on her body, I want to gouge them out with a knife. I imagine those histamines as furry creatures, positioning themselves under her skin and jumping up and down to irritate her skin.

What are these anti-histamines supposed to do exactly?

Well according to her pedia, the anti-histamines will just suppress the symptoms. They will not cure or treat, just suppress. In the hopes that after at least two weeks of taking anti-histamines, whatever it is that is causing the hives will be gone.

It's been TWO MONTHS, and the offending agent is still there!! Makes me wonder if it's anything in our surroundings that is causing it, like dust, dirt, our detergent... :(

We're visiting a pediatric allergologist tomorrow. I'm really crossing my fingers that she will be able to help. I can't imagine Chloe under anti-histamines forever.


Two weeks ago, Chloe's one front tooth suddenly turned a light shade of gray. At first, we thought it was just a stain of some sort. But when it turned noticeably darker, we panicked and brought her to the dentist. Her first visit. Yeeeesh.. Mike and I are procrastinators. This dentist appointment has been under discussion for months now. It took a gray tooth to hurry up the decision process for us. :(

Now, before we brought her to the dentist, I already consulted with other parents about what the dentist is expected to do with a tooth decay. Just so I can be ready and not be all emotional. They (the other parents) said that Chloe is too young to undergo surgery, so most probably, the dentist will just wait for the decaying tooth to fall out on its own. Okay.... that I can handle.

So when the dentist saw her tooth, she said, "It's not tooth decay."

WHEW!! What a relief!

"It's a dead tooth."

Uh... what again?

"Did she hit her mouth on anything hard?"

Mentally counting the days, my eyes went wide as I realized that this tooth in question started to gray AFTER she fell on her face in Zara Rockwell, while I was happily browsing through the array of discounted clothes.

After the realization, I wanted to bonk myself on the head. :( I have this firm, firm stance kasi that Saturday is our family day. So I (note, not we) try as much as possible to not bring the yaya with us when we go out. IF we had brought the yaya along, maybe Chloe wouldn't have tripped. IF we had not gone to the stupid sale, maybe Chloe wouldn't have tripped. IF I had been holding her hand instead of mindlessly ogling the clothes, maybe Chloe wouldn't have tripped. IF we had applied ice pack on her mouth right then and there, maybe the tooth wouldn've have grayed. If, if, if... all these ifs lead to nowhere and yet, I cannot stop thinking them.

"E pano mo naman mape-prevent yun?!?" Liza asked.

I know... but still. :(

I'm relieved though, that it's just a dead tooth, nothing serious. The worst that can happen is that the tooth will turn darker and darker until it turns black. It's irreversible, but not painful. But the good news is, we can paint over it! :D But we will consider it only when Chloe understands and agrees to it, or it becomes too horrible to look at, whichever comes first.


On a lighter note, Chloe is finally on her way to being potty trained! Uh wait, to clarify... she only pees and poops in the toilet when she's with me. But when she's with her yaya or with other people, she still continues to pee on the floor. Does anyone have any idea why this is so?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Whenever something in our bedroom goes missing, the first person we always turn to for answers is our dear, mischievous daughter Chloe. She loves hiding our things, especially those that matter most, like keys, car keys, expensive pens, and cellphones. :D Good that over the years, we've discovered her hiding places. So we take extra precautions to put these things in places where she won't be able to reach them. But sometimes we slip and she goes on her little game again.

So last Sunday, while I was frantically looking for my house keys, I asked her, "Chloe, where did you put mommy's keys?" And she said, "In (sic) the bed!" I finished turning our bed upside down and still no keys! But it's what she always says when I ask her. So I figured, she must be pretending to hide my keys even if she had nothing to do with the loss. But I still continued asking her, just in case she slips. :)

By late afternoon, I was exasperated. "Chloe! Come on, where did you put mommy's keys?!?!"

And she said, " You cry mommy..."

Thinking she was asking me, I said, "No, mommy's not crying. I just want to find my keys!"

"You cry mommy, and you'll find it!" she said, in a manner like it's a magic thing. You cry, voila, it's there again!

Oooooooops...... this can't be good.

But how can I blame her for thinking it?

I know most adults** mean well when playing with her. But usually, the game goes like this: Chloe quietly sits and plays with something, ignoring the adults** who are desperately trying to get her attention. So what they do is, grab whatever is catching her fancy at that moment, and hide it behind their backs. Of course, Chloe starts whining. But it is only when she starts crying that the adults** give in.

**adults = my dad and my youngest brother (bwahahahaha)

See? So how can you really blame Chloe for thinking that way?

I don't know if she understood me when I explained that that's not how things work. I've started discouraging her from crying to get what she wants since her mischievous revelation. And so far it works. When she starts crying for something, I tell her in a firm voice to stop crying. And when she does, I give her whatever it is she wants, if it's reasonable. If not, I just explain. She usually understands and gets it. Or sometimes, she forgets. It's that easy.

It's the adults** who will be a bit difficult to handle. :D

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The escalator did it

I recently purchased a pair of Havaianas blue metallic slippers. I've only worn it 3x this week.

Then while on an escalator going down, my dear darling daughter suddenly decided to sit on the steps, while we were only two or three steps away from the landing. Thoughts of Crocs being eaten by the escalator filled my mind, and I stood on the landing of the moving escalator to grab my daughter, who did everything her little body could do to remain seated on the steps.

And this is what happened to my brand new slippers:

Waaaaaaah! :(

Bye bye slippers. It was a fun week. 'Twas good while it lasted. :(