Monday, October 08, 2007

5th Year Anniversary

I forgot to mention....

We 'remembered' the fifth year anniversary of the first time Mike and I met. I say remembered because there was no celebration. It was a day we spent asking each other questions like:

a. What was your first impression of me?
kt: You reminded me of a batchmate who's a nerdo.
mike: Okay naman. (Refuses to elaborate)

b. Did you like me immediately after the first date?

kt: No. Because you reminded me of my batchmate who's a nerd nga.
mike: Ok lang. (Does anyone notice the trend here?)

c. Were you dating anyone else that time?
kt: Yes
mike: No.

Of course, we had talked about our first date so many times already, but it still felt kilig to relive it again. I still remember what the weather was like that day --with the orange sky heavy with dark clouds, and the heavy rain that followed. My dad kept calling my Nextel, worried that I would be stranded in traffic due to the floods. I kept apologizing to Mike. I was 2 hours late, and I kept interrupting our dinner to answer my Nextel. He must have felt I was worth the wait to have waited two hours! Hahahahahahaah.

8 months pregnant

In the past eight months, I have:

..... experienced morning sickness so severe that I woke up in the morning only to want to sleep again until the late afternoon. Never mind that I wasn't eating anything. During that time, I seriously, SERIOUSLY, considered ending the pregnancy.

..... had to endure the (thoughtless) comments of people about my physical appearance. Boy daw, because I looked haggard. Or that I don't look pregnant at six months. I only looked fat. :( I knew they didn't have malicious intentions, but all those comments still affected me. One comment that especially hurt was this -- Sa lagay na yan, gumanda ka na? :(

.....had to move around using a computer chair with wheels, because of the extremely painful pelvic pain I had during my 31st week.

.....had to drink yucky tasting iron supplement.

.....restrain myself from ordering Starbucks' green tea frappuccino. :(

Now, with only six weeks to go, Mike and I are really excited to welcome Chloe Alessandra Uy Dy into our world.

We've already bought her new clothes and accessories. Whenever I see Mike preparing for her birth, there is this unexplainable feeling of happiness inside me. It's expected for excited moms-to-be to prepare for their children's birth. But when it's the dad who shows the same excitement, it's.... different. It somehow seems more touching.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I don't know if I've mentioned this already... but I AM INFANTICIPATING!!!!

I'm 6 months pregnant as of now. And I have wanted to write down my experiences, but haven't had the time nor the energy to do so during the first trimester. Now that I'm feeling better, I just can't wait to start recording everything!!!!

Had my first panic attack last Monday. Lower abdomen (puson area) started to feel painful at around 2pm. Didn't make a big deal out of it though, since occasional pains in the lower tummy are becoming more and more common everyday. A muscle pain here, a slight twitch there... I don't pay much attention to them. So by 230pm, I started walking around the office, hoping to get my mind off the pain. It wasn't so bad. But it wasn't comfortable either.

My cousin noticed the weird way I was walking around the office. I told him that with the severe back pain I had, PLUS the pain in my lower abdomen, I really had no choice but to walk weird. He wanted me to talk to his OB friend, Dra. Aida Nunez (to whom I'm really grateful). Normally, I should be able to call my OB, but she has this unspoken rule that if I feel anything weird, I have only two choices: go to her clinic or go to the emergency room and the staff will contact her. Calling her on her cellphone is NOT an option. She made that very clear, when she started erasing her cellphone number on her pad.

Anyways, Dra. Nunez said pain in the lower abs with backpain is not normal.... that it might be a sign of premature labor. That did it. It took me only an hour to drive from Bulacan to Cardinal Santos, traffic included. After a test strip urinalysis and some kneading of my lower abs, it was concluded that I had mild UTI, which causes the pain in the lower abs and the back. The pain daw was a form of contraction already. That statement really, really made me thank the heavens that I had enough sense to go to the hospital when I started to feel uncomfortable. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have thought nothing of the pain and waited for it to go away on its own.