Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maid from Hell

Okay, so I am not the best person to be writing this entry. I've had so many bad experiences with so many maids. But I'm not exaggerating when I say this - our current maid now has to be the WORST maid IN THE WORLD.

This current maid, who I'll call MFH (maid from hell) started working for us last June 28. 2010. At first, she was doing well. She'd wake up early and clean the house thoroughly. But that was just for the first week. After that, she'd start work around lunch time na, sometimes, even later. I didn't say anything na lang. As long as the work gets done, then I'm okay.

In the (almost) five months that she's been with us, she had done these things:

1. Told my brother's maid that I only gave her soy sauce and brown sugar for her ulam. OMG. Can someone please visit our house, look at our chubby maid and tell me if she looks malnourished?!?

2. Ran away one Friday night then had the gall to come back Saturday morning. Why? Because she had a fever, and I only gave her two Biogesic pills daw. I should've given more. I am so selfish daw. Again, OMG.

3. Bleached the Daphne linens Mike gave me for my birthday. Bleached!!! Php 5t++ worth of blue green linens, now with streaks of white!! Oh happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

4. Used our comforter and pillowcases!! Coz you know, she feels she's part of this family that feeds her nothing but soy sauce and sugar.

5. Eats our stuff. This is actually okay lang with me. I had no problem with previous maids doing this. But hey, diba we give her only sugar and soy sauce? So panindigan nya. Magpapayat naman sya para maging believable diba.

6. SMOKES!! Enough said!!

7. Took my stuff. I discovered this when I got suspicious because things in our room started disappearing.

And now, her latest gift -- a moth infestation. She had the bright idea of taking our sala's area rug and storing it downstairs. I didn't mind. Until last week, when I wanted to have the rug back in its place. I told her to wash the rug first before putting it back in the sala. BUT, since she feels she's smarter and better than me, she put it back without washing it.

So now, we have moths flying all over the place. I plan to catch them one by one and put them on her clothes. So she knows how it feels like. So she knows the consequences.

Why is she still here, you might ask. Because I am having a delicate pregnancy, and I cannot do the housework. I have a yaya for Chloe, and I think she'd be willing to do some housework, but I do not want to overload her. It's been two months since we requested for a replacement, and still, nada. I have considered other agencies, but haven't found a suitable replacement yet.

Last week, because I was soooooooooooooo pissed with MFH, I spotted. I promised myself I won't ever let MFH's shenanigans bother me again. Days later, I see moths flying all over the house. I don't go looking for issues. The issues come running to me. It's like God reminding me to let her go. NOW. With or without a replacement.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday thoughts for the little one

One of the traits that Mike and I have in common is that we are both practical spenders (aka barat). There are things that we highly prioritize that we are both willing to spend on, like education and health. For things not on our priority list, we try to live without them. Or if necessary, we opt for the most practical option available na lang.

Children's parties fall under the things-we-do-not-prioritize category. It was an unspoken agreement between us that we will only celebrate the first birthday party of our children. After that, celebrations will be done at home with our families and a few close friends na lang.

But that was 3 B.C. (before Chloe). Three years after, we find ourselves giving her not one....

...but two celebrations!

All it took was for Chloe to ask, "Can I puh-wees have party? Puh-weeeees?"

And all our practical, spending policies went flying out of the window. :)


Some birthday thoughts for our little one, which I hope, she gets to read someday. :)


During your Jollibee party, the host asked us if we had any wishes for you that we wanted to share with your guests. I declined. I'm not very good at impromptu speeches you see. :) That night, while recalling the events at the party, I did ask myself what my birthday wish for you was.

I wish for you to grow up with a strong sense of self, but you seem to be doing that all on your own, with little help from me. I wish for you to be humble YET confident,as I believe these two traits should always go together.

But my greatest wish for you actually has someting to do with me -- I wish that I can be the type of mom who can help you be these things I want you to be.

We love you baby! You never fail to make us proud of you everyday. :)