Monday, March 28, 2005

What NOT To Look For

In a salesman, that is.

I received an offer from Pacific Internet a few weeks ago, informing me about their P888/month unlimited surfing hours. It was actually a good promo -- I get a free printer if I sign up for a one year contract with them. Since I needed an internet connection in the office, I thought, what they hey, might as well take advantage of this good offer.

So I filled up an application form and faxed it back to them. And I waited. And waited. And waited. For around three weeks. Until I couldn't wait any longer. I asked our secretary to follow up the application. The person who answered wanted to speak with me. Our conversation went this way:

Pacific: Ma'm, nag-sign up po ba kayo for an unlimited internet account with us?
KT: Oo
Pacific: Ma'm, remind ko lang kayo na tie up kayo sa amin for one year. If you decide to terminate the subscription before the year is over, we will have to charge you for the remaining balance.
KT: Oo, okay lang. Nabasa ko naman sa terms and conditions niyo eh.
Pacific: Okay lang ho ma'm?
KT: Oo.
Pacific: Aside from that ma'm, parati hong busy yung line namin.
KT: Kelan ba busy? Kelan ba peak hours?
Pacific: Wala hong oras na pinipili eh. Basta parati lang siyang busy.
KT: Naku, ganon pala yon?
Pacific: Oo ma'm. Pero kung hindi kayo magsa-sign up, okay lang ho sa amin.

I was already exasperated with the person on the other line at this point. Okay lang sa amin na hindi kayo mag sign up? Eh teka, sa akin hindi okay yon ah! Poor Pacific Internet. Well, I came up with the following explanations why the person was discouraging me from subscribing to the unlimited account offer:

1. Pacific Internet is losing money with their P888/month + printer deal, so they're discouraging people from signing up.
2. I was fortunate enough to talk to a Pacific Internet employee, who was getting sick and tired of receiving customer's complaints about busy phone lines. So she discouraged me from signing up na lang.
3. The person on the other line hates her boss. So she discourages people from signing up so that her boss will be blamed for their department's poor performance.

Anyway, sayang. I really liked their promo pa naman.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Tagaytay Experience

Image hosted by
Clockwise from top left:Breakfast at Antonio's, crocodile with coins, Mikael the tiger(tigress?), outside Gourmet's, Nurture Spa waiting shed, me with 10-month old tiger cub

Went to Tagaytay with Val, Rory and Patrick during Holy Thursday. It was a fun trip, and was made even more exciting because there was little planning involved. It was an anything goes trip. Interesting things I learnt:

From Breakfast at Antonio's

1. When with Rory, bring a bigger bag.Image hosted by
Rory collects those things that restaurants have -- the one which they use to list down the food and beverages they offer. Oh that's right... Rory collects menus. :D

2. Breakfast at Antonio's does not only offer breakfast; they offer overpriced lunch selections too.

3. Roesti are stacks of potato pancakes which tasted more like potato chips. The waiter recommended the roesti with sliced beef sandwiched between roesti and topped with two sunny side up eggs. YUM!!!
4. The isolated mountain in the river is Taal Volcano. The Taal Volcano is a volcano within a volcano.

From Residence Inn Zoo

1. Be very, very careful about commenting on what other people are wearing. I loudly criticized about the Star-Wars costumes of the statue-people inside the zoo. See, Star Wars and zoo don't really go together. He reacted by scaring the hell out of us.

2. Mikael is the name of a tiger caged inside the zoo.

3. When Pinoys see small, artifical bodies of water, they will throw coins in it. Never mind that the bodies of water are where the crocodiles live. It certainly looked odd that there were coins beside the crocodiles. As Rory said, "Ginawa nilang wishing well yung tinitirhan ng mga crocodile."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com4. I feel sorry for the sorry state that the zoo's animals are in. Rory observed that the ostriches had no sand to bury their heads in. And they have bare patches where their feathers should be. People (kids especially) heckled the big brown bear, who must have been stressed out by the noise the kids made. There were two monkeys forever chained to a steel rod for amusement purposes. Val saw that the eagles had little space to fly around. The goats ate with the zoo's resident rats. The llamas were heckled to no end.

Image hosted by
5. I want to say that I feel sorry for the 10-month old tiger cub who was chained to the ground. But I had my picture taken with her, which would not have been possible if she was allowed to roam around freely. The cub looked menacing at first, but when her caretaker brought out her feeding bottle, she suddenly looked harmless. The crowd gave a resounding "aaaaaw" when she started drinking from the feeding bottle. :)

From Nurture Spa

1. Nurture Spa serves very good jasmine tea!

2. The P995 (plus 10% tax) they charge for spa services went mostly to the spa's ambiance. The massage was so-so. Didn't like the spanking part so much.

3. It was a full moon again! Coincidence ba that Val and I only get to go out when there's a full moon?

From Gourmet's Cafe

1. One can manage a restaurant business and not know how to take orders.
After we had been made to wait for 20++ minutes, a lady (probably the manager) approached us to ask if we were ready to order, then apologized because she does not know how to take orders. ??? Get paper. Write down diner's order. That's it!

2. Gourmet's Cafe's veggies are really organic. They don't put insecticides or pesticides. Which would explain the little green worm that crawled its way out of my salad.

3. Gourmet's Cafe is promoting their newest salad dressing -- the mango vinaigrette. And it's really good. I like my salad dressings on the creamy side, and the vinaigrette was creamy and sweet with just the right amount of tartness.

4. When dining with Rory, bring big bag. Image hosted by

5. If you want a good dessert from Gourmet's, please do not try their halo-halo. Have their blueberry cheesecake instead. The halo-halo sosyal was a very big disappointment.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Virgins No More

Mike and I had talked about it for quite some time. We know for a fact that other couples are doing it -- some people even get addicted to it. Heck, why not try it just to know what the fuss is all about?

Would we be able to take the sweating? The panting? The intensity? Would our inexperience be something we'd laugh about? Or would we judge each other's every move? And what about the morning after consequences? Would we be able to handle them well?

Enough with weighing the pros and cons. My mind screamed, "Just do it!"

So I let go of my inhibitions, and just did it. I had to initially convince Mike to try it with me, but when he did, there was no stopping him anymore. It was great! It was exhilarating! And, true to what other people said, it brought us closer. Looking back now, we both have no regrets about it.

Yes people. Mike and I are badminton virgins no more.

Hehehe... kayo talaga. What were you thinking? :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Amazing Thailand

Last week, we went to Thailand for a business fair. We arrived Tuesday afternoon, went to the fair Wednesday, went shopping Wednesday night, and left the following day.

When I go out of the country, the one thing I check out first is the food. I love food! I consider myself as an adventurous eater. Just none of those exotic Fear Factor food please. And I was excited about Thailand because I will get to taste pad Thai! Yay! And those shrimp patties rolled on a sugarcane stick! Plus tom yam! Unfortunately, since there wasn't much time left for dining out, the most adventurous food I tasted on this trip was the very, very hot curry cooked in Muslim tradition. No pad thai. No shrimp patties. One tom yam, which wasn't enough to satisfy my Thai food cravings.

One thing I look forward to when going out of town for business trips is the bonding session I have with my dad. :) Yes, yes, I'm a daddy's girl. It's different when we're in another country -- the pressure from work is off. Less calls to make, less calls to receive. Although, ironically, work is what bonds us together. Work and family problems, that is. For the two nights that we spent in Thailand, most of our before bedtime talks centered on work and those ugly, pathetic creatures which, for lack of a better word, I shall grudgingly call his siblings. (:shivers:)

Anyway, for this trip, I learned something new: When in Thailand, do as the Pinoys do -- HAGGLE!!

While walking in Suan Lum Night Bazaar, I saw this cosmetic bag which was really pretty. Hmmm... perfect for pasalubongs!

Me (pointing to bag): How much?
Shopowner: 150 Baht
Me: (gets ready to leave)
S.O.: Wait! Wait! How much you want? (shoves calculator in my face)
Me: (gets calculator and presses the numbers 3 and 0)
S.O.: Cannot!! (Then she presses 99 == 99 Baht)
Me: shakes head -- NO!
s.o.: Okay, okay! How about 80 Baht?
Me: No, 30 Baht!
S.O.: No, no, I cannot!

So I prepare to leave. She pulls my arm, and says,
S.O.: Hello! Hello! I want sale! I give you 50 Baht okay?
Me: (very stubborn) No, 30 Baht!

Shop owner throws her calculator back to her desk. I leave, silently hoping she'll pull me back to offer the bag at 40 Baht. But she doesn't run after me anymore. Ooooops.... I guess 50 Baht IS the last price. I only realized I wanted the bag minutes before our plane was to take off from Thailand's tarmac. Sayang.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Random Ramblings

::My appointment with top-honcho-of-food-and-beverage-conglomerate was cancelled, just as I predicted. How was it cancelled? His secretary cancelled while I was standing in their reception area, after I told their receptionist/security guard that I was there to see top honcho.

::Unmushy chauffeured me around the metro last Sunday. First, he picked me up in Malate where I attended a family gathering. Then he brought me to Ortigas where I attended my HS reunion. He went to Metrowalk to walk around and came back for me after my reunion party was over. That is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. :)

::The family gathering was for my cousin's one year old daughter. It was a very big party, and the food was great. Felt guilty for leaving early. I sat beside my very cute nephew, who is normally shy and quiet. But halfway through the party, we were already laughing and giggling together!

::The first thing I received when I arrived in our batch reunion was a Chowking nametag. I thought it was weird. After all, our batchmates' faces couldn't have changed all that much, right? WRONG! When the people started arriving, I could hardly recognize half of them. Sure, there were some who still looked as they did n years ago. But there were some who have really changed -- big time.

::Liza and I had a lot of fun observing the reactions of our batch's ex-couples when they saw each other. Mean, I know. But fun. Hehehehehe.

::Memorable moments of the reunion--
1. A former suitor sat two seats away from me. I felt awkward, since I knew we were avoiding looking at each other's direction. But when we were the only ones left in our table, it felt weird to continue avoiding his direction. So I glanced at him, and he did the same. When our eyes met, he had this i'm-trying-to-recall-where-I've-seen-you-before look, then said, "(my name), right?" Then he shook my hand. Whoa. Sweet.

2. I used to have a major crush on one of my classmates, and he was there in the reunion. Now this guy, when he learnt how I was majorly crushing on him back then, told our whole class that he will never, ever consider liking me romantically. Okay, that's not entirely true. He didn't really say it. He just... err... did something. Back to topic. So I was on my way to the restroom, when he called me, and said I looked different. "Different? How?" I wanted to know. He motioned with his hands that I have become slimmer. Hehehehehehe.

3. I have a free gift certificate from Red Ribbon, courtesy of Andre. Andre, coincidentally enough, is unmushy's family friend.

**All in all, I had a great time at the reunion. Will wait another n years for the next one!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Traffic Jam

I don't know why they call a traffic mess "traffic jam." Jam brings good memories of breakfast, with sunlight streaming in the window while I'm enjoying a quiet morning with my bread, butter and strawberry jam. Traffic, on the other hand, brings up images of horns honking, long stretches of cars parked on the highways, and hours wasted on the road.

That was what I was thinking of, while caught in the horrendous traffic mess in the parking lot called Edsa. I had an appointment with my favorite salon today, and again, I underestimated the travel time. Well, a trip on a Saturday MORNING from Manila to Makati usually takes only 30 minutes. But this morning, it took me an hour! Fortunately, the salon owner was late too.

Had my hair done. Yada yada yada.

After two hours, I was refreshed and ready to face the road again, expecting lighter traffic since I was on my way home at an odd hour. But nooooo..... traffic in Edsa was crawling at a slow pace of 30-40 km/hour.

So, instead of spending the time inside my car rotting away for nothing, I decided to use the time to think. And my thought process came out like this --

I thought about the origin of the phrase "traffic jam." Hence, this blog.
I tried to figure out what was causing the traffic mess.
Probably the buses picking up passengers in the middle of the road.
Or the drivers who seem to be touring Edsa for the first time by driving at an irritatingly slow speed of 20 km/hour.
Ay naku, even the jeepneys on the streets, they stop for passengers getting off even when they're in the middle of a busy road.
Grrr! If not for the corruption in the government, drivers like them would not be able to get their licenses!
That's the problem with this government -- corruption!
Whatever happened to Carlos Garcia? Winston Garcia?
Why isn't the BIR running after them?
And why is the BIR asking to check our inventory records for 2002 to 2003? That's like two years ago!
And of course, the office accountant will have to look for the records pa.
Harhar! Good luck to her! Our office is so ugly.
We should renovate. But we're not that liquid. So renovation will take place next year. Even though it was scheduled this year. Nope, can't renovate this year because the first quarter is almost over, and we haven't reached 10% of our sales target yet.
If only top honcho didn't cancel my Thursday appointment with him while I was already standing outside his office.
Aaargh. That top honcho cancellation thing is only one of the depressing things that happened this week. Everything depressing seems to be happening this week. Checks bouncing. Blood sugars rising. Computers crashing. Sales falling. Someone leaving.

This, my dear readers, is what you call snowballing. So by the time I got home, I was ready to crawl under the sheets and sleep for a year. The Unkymood will stay for now.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Adobo for dinner has always been a special treat.

UNTIL NOW. When the mere smell of adobo makes me want to cry and throw a fit. Why? Because our maid has been serving adobo at least 3x a week for three months now.

Okay, for you people out there, you might think -- Sus, buti nga may kinakain ka eh.

I agree. But imagine eating the same ulam for three months. These days, the special treat is when the viand IS NOT adobo.

I have come up with reasons why adobo is her preferred viand to cook.

1. It's the only thing she knows how to cook.
Possible. She cooked crispy pata yesterday, and it tasted more like one big pork chop flavored chewing gum.

2. She honestly forgets that she just made adobo the other day.
Again, very possible. This is our maid who puts bread in the freezer. She placed a bottle of juice in the freezer too. Basta, when you leave anything strange-looking on the table (like bread and juice), she will put them in the freezer. So, yes, this is one possible reason why she keeps making adobo.

But I think, this third reason is the most logical reason...

3. She hates eggs.
Since we're in the farm industry, we get our eggs at very good prices. I usually buy two trays. One for our consumption, and one for baking purposes. I just bought two trays last week, so imagine my surprise when I checked the refrigerator this afternoon, and found less than a tray left.

From what I recall, she only made breakfast once since last week, so some eggs went there. Oh, she cooked six eggs, even if there are only five of us in the family. (Again, strengthening my she-hates-eggs theory.) I used up about 5 eggs for cooking. So where could the other 20++ eggs have gone? Hmmm... come to think of it, she made 5 adobos for our ulam since last week. Maybe the eggs went there?

Something's cooking in the kitchen again. And yes, your guess is correct. And to think we only had adobo last Sunday.

Ten minutes too late

It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

I had planned everything so well. After all, it's not everyday that I get to be granted an appointment with the top honcho of a local food and beverage company. Our company has been trying to set an appointment with him for YEARS, all to no avail. So when the call came last night, informing us that we have been granted an appointment, it was like a dream come true. I was so excited about it, that I even changed my Unkymood to excited. Of course you won't see it anymore, as I've changed the mood to what I'm feeling NOW.

As I said, I had planned everything down to the very last detail. Even the color of the blouse I wore today had been planned.

But I made one tiny, itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, important mistake.

I underestimated the Edsa morning-rush traffic.

Either that or I overestimated my driving skills.

I did 160km/hr on the NLEX. For the first time. In my whole life. But it got me to top honcho's office ten minutes too late. When I got there, the top honcho gave me an attention span of 20 seconds, then excused himself and returned to his board meeting.

I seriously considered waiting for him until his board meeting was over. The meeting was scheduled from 9am to 12nn. Sure, I thought, I could wait that long. I have already waited years for this, what's another 3 hours? But top honcho's secretary advised me against it, saying that she'll just schedule another appointment for me this Thursday..

I should be elated.

But top honcho is known for cancelling appointments at the very last minute. Even when you're already there, waiting for him in the lobby, he'll just have his secretary go out to inform you that your appointment has been postponed indefinitely.

I'm so disappointed with this day. And I know that everyone in the office is disappointed with me too.

Lesson for today -- EVERY DANG SECOND COUNTS.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Time to Heel

I know someone will be so disappointed with this. But I just have to do it for my own good.

I am throwing away my heels for good.

Yiiiiiiii! No, I can't do it! Not after I spent 25% of my salary on a new pair!

Okay, let me rephrase. I will be wearing less heels starting now, tonight, March 1, 2005. What brought about this change, you (yes, YOU! You know who you are) might ask. Well, after I read this (from

Throw away your high heels.
High heels may look sexy but they are back breakers in disguise. Heels higher than two inches throw your body forward. To compensate you lean backwards and arch your spine more than you should. To avoid back and knee pain, wear sturdy heels no more than two inches high. The worst offenders are stiletto heels.

THAT would probably explain the lower back pains, especially after 5 hours of walking around in stilettos. Not to mention the unbearable pain on the balls of my feet! I would always describe the pain as parang nababasag na mga buto ko sa paa, because really, that's how it feels.

I have 19 pairs of shoes and sandals. I will now have to say goodbye to 11 of them.