Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Two Week Wait...

Is over. :(

My body did a good job of tricking me into believing I was pregnant.  Sharp pains in the pelvic area? Check. Back pain? Check.  Hungry all the time?  Every minute!  Weird cravings?  Well, I had coco jam and cheese for breakfast.. how's that?

Then AF came.  End of story.

The thing is, the two week wait caused my hubby and I to panic (unnecessarily).  Refer to my post here.  Where will we get the money for another kid?  Will we have to start following a strict budget if a third one is along the way?  What about schooling?  Who among them will have to forego schooling?  Draw lots na lang?  :D Oh and the never ending yaya issues.  I am just beginning to envision a life with no househelp.  A third baby will bring us back to square one.

But deep down, I was a bit excited.  And a bit happy.  Okay, more than a bit happy.  Fine, I was giddy.  But worried.  But giddily happy!  The thought of another addition to our family was indeed very exciting!  A new baby to love, a new baby to fawn over... :(

Okay.. now back to regular programming.

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