Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ready for number three?

A few years ago, while pregnant with M, I told my BFF L to slap me sensible if the day comes that I announce I want baby no. 3.

Well, she's not here now, so I can entertain these thoughts.

I want baby no. 3.

There I said it.

Mike doesn't.  He suggested I pray for an immaculate conception. (?)

Why do I want number 3?
1.  What if C and M do not get along?  At least, they have a back up sibling.
2.  What if C or M decide to work out of the country?  That leaves us with one kid only.  She has to take care of us and she'll be tired.  She needs a sub.  Enter baby no. 3.
3.  Somehow, 5 of us in the family sounds more balanced than 4.
4.  M's growing up so fast.  I will miss the sound of her little feet on the floor.  I will miss her babbling.  So my solution is to make a new one.

On the other hand, why am I having second thoughts about baby no. 3?
1.  Money.  'Nuff said.
2.  Time.  It is hard enough dividing my time and attention between two kids.  I cannot imagine how to do it with three.
3.  Yaya issues.
4.  Losing my sanity.
Last but not the least, the most important reason why I do not want to have baby no. 3?  The pregnancy.  I cannot imagine another nine months spent with a metallic taste in the mouth, aching back, aching ribs, and complete and strict bedrest.  The 24/7 urge to throw up.  The irritation I have with EVERYBODY.  I simply cannot.  The pregnancy scares me more than the birthing pain.

Oh wow.  I think I just ended my dreams of having baby no. 3 right there!  Look at my reasons for wanting versus my reasons for not wanting.  The latter sounds more grounded and realistic.

Bye baby no. 3.  It was a good 24 hours dreaming of you while it lasted.

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  1. I am back in town to slap you! ahahahahahaha!!!

    This is so funny! You are starting to panic of empty nest syndrome because Val and I left our nests. =D

    Btw, you told me before, after one sees her child, you will immediately forget about the difficult 9 months...